Root canal treatment in the heart of Budapest

Root canal treatments in the centre of Budapest, in front of the Lukács Thermal Bath. Get to know everything about our restorative dental treatments.

It is worth trying the root canal treatment of Saint Lucas SPA Dental!

Root canal treatment is a basic offer of the Budapest based dental clinics. Although, there are differences in terms of the technology and methods. A proper root canal treatment prevents further damage to the teeth and ensures the survival of the teeth in the long run. In other words, dentistry is not only interested in solving dental problems, but also in avoiding such problems.

Root canal treatments in Budapest

We respect our patients deciding responsibly to undergo a restorative root canal treatment, so we perform the procedure with the highest level of expertise. The dentists of Saint Lucas SPA Dental help eliminate the discomfort caused by inflamed teeth as soon as possible by successfully performing painless root canal treatments.

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Root canal treatment in the heart of Budapest in front of the Lukács Thermal Bath

One of the most important interventions for protecting the teeth is a proper root canal treatment. Below you we explain why this treatment may be needed, when it is recommended, as well as how we will perform root canal treatments in our dental clinic, what guarantees we give you and, of course, what prices you should calculate.

There are three important conditions for a successful root canal treatment

An experienced dental specialist is needed. With professional experience any arising problems can be handled. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, our dental specialists with international experience are at your disposal to perform root canal treatments.

It is necessary to have a well-furnished and highly equipped dental treatment room. It is essential that all the technical conditions required for root canal treatments are available. The dental treatment room of Saint Lucas SPA Dental is carefully prepared to perform root canal treatments precisely. Evidently, you are the one who enjoys the benefits of the dental treatment room serving the high-quality professional work of our dentists.

Sterility assurance requirements are needed to perform root canal treatments safely. Saint Lucas SPA Dental has been rated excellent by the strictest administrative control in Europe. Such result guarantees compliance with health rules and related safety and sterility standards.


Fogászati garancia

Why is a root canal treatment needed?

There are the symptoms that obviously tell us you need root canal treatment for a durable resolution of your problem.

Symptoms underlying root canal treatment:

  • Spontaneously developing tooth ache lasting for hours that disappears eventually.
  • Teeth may become sensitive to cold, warm, or to sweet and sour flavours.
  • Your teeth get sensitive under pressure or when biting. This refers to a state when infection has reached not only the pulp cavity but it has already spread around the roots.
  • If the decay is so deep that the root canal also becomes infected, and so does the pulp cavity.
  • If a larger piece breaks off the crown part of the tooth (in case of an earlier made crown) thus the apex of the root is injured.
  • During its examination your tooth turns out to be dead.

Do you have more questions? Feel free to book a free dental consultation and visit us.

Root canal treatment in the centre of Budapest, performed by experienced specialists in a relaxing environment.

Positive outcome of a root canal treatment

As the outcome of a successful root canal treatment the quality of your life and health conditions will improve significantly:

  • Pain can be stopped.
  • Tooth sensitivity can be terminated.
  • Formation of further infections is avoidable.
  • It is possible to avert the formation of cysts.
  • The aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth becomes possible.
  • Unlimited reconstruction of the chewing function of teeth.

If you discover any of the above symptoms, preventively visit a dentist before more serious problems occur.

Root canal treatment in the centre of Budapest, performed by dental specialists with international professional experience.

Root canal treatment performed by specialists

Choose a reliable professional to save your teeth

Root canal treatment falls into restorative dentistry and as such it gives a chance to save our teeth so they regain their original function and can serve us for a long time.

Although, root canal treatments are not always successful. Thorough grounding and dedication is needed to ensure the success of such treatment, and to make it a lasting solution for you.

At Saint Lucas SPA Dental there are prepared and internationally experienced specialists who guarantee your welfare. By the application of gentle endodontic procedures your treatment is made painless and satisfactory for you.

During a free consultation your questions about painless endodontic procedures will be answered by skilled professionals.



Who performs root canal treatments at our dental clinic?

Szájsebészet Budapest, professzionális fogászati beavatkozások

Root canal treatment in the centre of Budapest. The oral surgeon specialists of Saint Lucas SPA Dental, Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy are depicted as performing a complex dental treatment.

Is a root canal treatment painless?

No more painful dental treatments, root canal treatments can be done pain-free!

DDr. Róbert Nagy explains how a dental procedure, even your root canal treatment, can be pain-free.

Root canal treatment in the centre of Budapest, next to the charming Lukács Thermal Bath, one of the most beautiful spas of the city.


Let our prepared and internationally experienced perform you root canal treatment. The treatment is made painless, aesthetic, and long-lasting. After the procedure, your treated tooth will function as a perfectly healthy one.

Come and visit our experienced dentists at Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free consultation to personally meet the options of pain-free root canal treatments. 

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Painless root canal treatment at Saint Lucas SPA Dental has 7 steps:

  1. Priority is the accurate diagnosis: on the free consultation your endodontist specialist states you need root canal treatment. The diagnosis is based on the examination of your teeth, and on a panoramic x-ray.
  2. Pain relieving and preventive therapy: you can have upfront therapy to reduce the volume of infection beforehand, thus ceasing the sensation of pain and creating an infection-free environment for a successful root canal treatment.
  3. Local anaesthetics to beat the pain and discomfort: prior to the treatment your specialist provides local injections to make the whole procedure painless for you.
  4. Exploration and cleaning of problematic areas: following the removal of decayed parts the root canals become accessible and cleanable for the endodontist. The length of the canals is determined by special electronic root length-measuring device because the most accurate assessment of the length is essential for an accurate filling later. This is followed by the thorough cleaning and sterilization of the root with which pathogens in the root can be safely destroyed.
  5. Regenerative therapy with medication: the properly cleaned and disinfected root canal will then be sealed with fillings that contain medicines. This aims to reduce infectious pain, and to recover the tooth.
  6. Permanently filling the root: after the healing period the root canals are filled to protect the canals from incoming pathogens, and to block the development of pain in the future.
  7. Restoring the tooth: once the roots are sealed aesthetic filling or inlay is made for the tooth to restore the original chewing function. Such a prosthetic is almost identical to the natural teeth.

Why to choose Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a root canal treatment?

  • Because at our clinic, root canal treatment regardless its complexity is totally painless.
  • Because we provide you a successful root canal treatment in a comfortable environment.
  • Because root canal and related treatments at our clinic are safe guaranteed by the latest technology.
  • Because root canal treatments at Saint Lucas SPA Dental are performed by specialists with many years of experience in Hungary and abroad.
  • Because we guarantee our root canal treatments in all cases, as we carry out our work with full responsibility
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only spend the amount on a root canal treatment you really need to
Root canal treatments in the very heart of Budapest. Our clinic has many advantages, one of them is its easily accessible location.

What do our patients think of the root canal treatments of Saint Lucas SPA Dental?

Melánia Kosuth, our dear patient tells you her experience of her root canal treatment

Andrea Törökné Horváth, our dear patient tells you her experience of the treatment performed by Dr. Tamás Ruszin


Prices of root canal treatments

Root canal treatmentsPrice
Trephination35 000 Ft
Root canal treatment of a tooth with one root canal35 000 Ft
Root canal treatment of a tooth with two root canals52 000 Ft
Root canal treatment of a tooth with three root canals70 000 Ft
Treatment of the root canal with medication18 000 Ft

What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

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Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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