Aesthetic dental treatments in the heart of Budapest

More and more dental clinics in Budapest are offering aesthetic treatments, but only few of them have been following such approach from the beginning of their dental practice.

Aesthetic dental treatments differ from traditional dental procedures in only one thing: in approach. The goal is more than treating the patient’s dental problem, it is to restore the patient's teeth in the most aesthetic way possible. Thus, unlike traditional dental treatments, during aesthetic dental procedures we treat not only a physical health problem, but in many cases also indirect ‘mental’ issues.

Aesthetic teeth have a significant impact on self-esteem and can increase our patients’ self-confidence which have a further positive impact on their everyday social life. Our dental clinic offers a wide range of aesthetic dental treatments. We recommend our metal-free restoration procedures (zirconium and ceramic veneers, metal-free crowns and inlays, etc.), oral hygiene service and related teeth whitening.

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Aesthetic dental treatments in Budapest in a wellness environment. Let’s smile and feel free to call us!

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Aesthetic dentistry in Budapest

Patients often visit our dental clinic with the undisguised goal of wanting their teeth to be more beautiful. It can be seen a natural desire that if one need to go to the dentist and need a dental procedure, the treatment should not only restore the chewing ability, but also make the smile more aesthetic. Today’s developed dentistry offers countless solutions to this.

A harmonious face is unthinkable without beautiful, healthy and regular teeth

At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, we have found a balance of beauty and uncompromising professionalism.

So, there are countless options waiting for you in our dental clinic if you want to change the look of your teeth and wish to have a more beautiful, a whiter and a better aligned smile.

Aesthetic treatments can be performed in almost all cases, but there are exceptions.

Therefore, we recommend that you consult with one of our internationally experienced aesthetic dental specialists at Saint Lucas SPA Dental. The dental specialist, together with you, will develop a smile makeover treatment plan according to your special needs.

This consultation is free of charge and it can be very helpful in getting to know the treatments that can make your teeth more beautiful and brighter.

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Aesthetic dental treatments in Budapest

Aesthetic treatments can affect the full spectrum of dental interventions, so there are a good number of possible procedures available. There are quick and long-lasting interventions, and there are durable and less durable solutions, all of which determine the price.

Porcelain veneers: It is a quick and durable solution that results in new and shiny teeth in a week.

Crowns and bridges: Dental crowns and bridges have been a well-proven traditional and cost-effective method for decades.

Aesthetic fillings: Tooth decay can be treated successfully with aesthetic fillings.

Ceramic inlays: In case an aesthetic filling is no longer an option for you, aesthetic ceramic inlays can be a perfect durable solution.

Metal-free tooth replacement: State-of-the-art crowns and bridges are available to replace your lost tooth.

Aesthetic dentistry in the centre of Budapest. You can easily access Saint Lucas SPA Dental by public transport or by car. Visit us!

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Shiny teeth in just one week!

What is a porcelain veneer?

Once you have made up your mind regarding the smile makeover procedures you can expect quick and spectacular results. The good news is that the increasing demand has a positive effect on the evolution of dentistry and creates obvious aesthetic trends as well. As a result, with a recently emerged technique we are able to complete your smile makeover treatment in merely a week.

This solution is called porcelain veneer. Its popularity has increased dramatically in the last four years. The superb attributes and accessible price of veneers make this quick and outstanding smile makeover an available solution for many.

Porcelain veneer is a porcelain structure thin as an eye-lens. It is used when minor correction of the tooth’s shape or colour is needed. The thin layer is adhesively put on the surface of your teeth giving a new amazing outlook to your teeth and smile. Be ready for jealous looks!

Another reason for its popularity is that one doesn’t have to sacrifice much for such an impressive transformation. Very little of your teeth’s surface is actually removed for veneers. Therefore, this makeover involves no pain or discomfort.



New smile in just 1-2 hours? It is possible with us! With composite direct veneers no temporary replacement is required and no need to wait days for the final finish!

In what situations do porcelain veneers offer ideal solution?

Gentle porcelain veneers made in one week are considered a good choice in the following cases:

  • If your teeth are irregular but you don't want to engage in a time-consuming orthodontic procedure (porcelain veneers can even out minor discrepancies only, in other cases you may need orthodontic therapy or a combination of the two)
  • If your teeth that are displayed while smiling and speaking are discoloured, and you want them whiter
  • If you have had a tooth whitening treatment already but were disappointed with the result, you can make your teeth bright white with veneers for good without having more whitening treatment
  • If the gap between your front teeth is larger than it should be by normal standards, and you want to sort this out
  • If your teeth are positioned incorrectly causing an aesthetic problem to you.

Porcelain veneers offer an outstanding solution if you want to improve your smile in a short period of time. However, this technique cannot be applied in every single situation. Visit our clinic for a free consultation with our aesthetic dental specialist. You will get personalized information about what porcelain veneers can do for your smile makeover.

Such veneer type is especially suitable for covering the wear and tear of the front teeth, cavities, discoloration and minor traumas. The veneers are prepared by the dentist in the dental clinic after the professional preparation of the tooth.

Zirconium, metal-free prosthetics, crowns and bridges

What is a dental crown, what does it consist of, why might it be needed?

A dental crown consists of two parts: the frame of the crown, that is either made of metal or metal-free zirconium, and the veneer of the crown, that is a porcelain specifically chosen to match the colour of your other teeth.

In order to make your tooth replacement nearly true to life and suit your needs functionally and aesthetically, two things must come together:

  1. The frame of the replacement crown has to be made of an aesthetic and translucent material.
  2. Accuracy at the edges of the crown to diminish the risk of bacterial infections.

Traditional metal-based porcelain crowns or bridges lack the attribute of translucency. Their colour therefore is a bit dull and metallic.

The patients of Saint Lucas SPA Dental sense of beauty require us to be able to meet their highest expectations of aesthetic quality. For all this metal-free zirconium-based crowns and bridges provide excellent opportunity. Their positive attributes can easily compensate for their higher expenses if compared to more conventional metal-ceramic restorations:

  • Fabricated by the top-notch CAD/CAM technology meaning that the design and the making of the zirconium frame is carried out by computer-lead machines.
  • Modern production techniques can make the frame with a thousandth of a millimetre precision and the accuracy of the edges perfect.
  • Thanks to its translucent character zirconium crown lets the light through that makes it look natural and aesthetic.
  • Owing to the fact that it consists of no metal zirconium restoration is biocompatible causing no allergic reactions, not even for those who suffer from metal allergy.
  • Zirconium crowns and bridges are durable.
  • Its frame is strong enough for a single crown and for a circle bridge as well.

In what cases is it ideal for you to have metal-free tooth replacement?

  • In case of broken teeth
  • In case of significantly discoloured front teeth
  • In case of the front teeth filled heavily on large surfaces
  • In case you need replacement for missing teeth
  • In case of the replacement of old, out-dated or ill-fitting crowns and bridges
  • In case of tooth replacement with dental implants

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Professional metal-free crowns at Saint Lucas SPA Dental

If you not only aim to functionally have your teeth restored but you would like a true-to-life crown or bridge for your aesthetic–smile then visit Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free consultation. We will inform you about the benefits metal-free zirconium restorations can offer to you.

Aesthetic dental fillings and ceramic inlays and onlays

Is not every filling aesthetic? Is there any that is ugly?

Aesthetic filling as such is basically a collective term embracing procedures that use the latest composite materials for reconstruction works. These treatments are called aesthetic treatments because they result in harmonious appearance that fits into the natural teeth, so it is basically unnoticeable.

In what cases do you need aesthetic fillings?

  • If you need to have filling as a replacement for decayed part of your tooth.
  • If your teeth are so badly worn down due to serious overload that your chewing ability is reduced and that causes aesthetics concerns.
  • If a piece of your tooth was broken off.
  • If you want your previous out-dated amalgam filling replaced with modern aesthetic one.
  • If there are gaps between your teeth that can be shortened by aesthetic fillings.

What are the advantages of aesthetic fillings?

  • In their appearance aesthetic fillings are just like your natural teeth so they are true to life.
  • Once finished (and the anaesthetics have gone) the fillings are ready to be used so you can eat and drink and load them without restrictions.
  • Aesthetic fillings contain no mercury or other metals. Therefore, they are non-toxic and biologically friendly to human body.
  • To make one, you must sacrifice only a tiny little portion of tooth material, limited to the decayed area.
  • It provides durable solution to decayed teeth.

If an aesthetic filling is not sufficient for a long lasting and safe result due to the size of the cavity, lab-made inlay (or onlay) is suggested instead.

In protecting the soundness of our teeth, aesthetic fillings have a key role. Therefore, it is worth having your teeth examined on a free consultation and if necessary, you can take the opportunity that aesthetic fillings offer you.

When aesthetic filling is no longer enough: Ceramic inlays and onlays

Ceramic inlay (or onlay) is basically a large filling you need for the restoration of a badly decayed tooth. In such case the cavity can be cleared out only by removing a great portion of the tooth’s material. Aesthetic filling is only suitable up to a certain size. Beyond that, ordinary filling is not a safe solution.

Durable and aesthetic treatment of badly decayed teeth

  • Thanks to the carefully chosen colour, the inlay fits into its environment unnoticeably.
  • Inlay is made by the lab with high precision techniques based on the impressions your dentist takes.
  • It perfectly replaces the missing tooth material.
  • It anatomically appropriately rebuilds the tooth’s shape, so it is unnoticeably fits into the natural teeth.
  • It gives back the original chewing ability and functions of the tooth.

Check out a routine procedure here!

When do you need ceramic inlays or onlays?

  • In case the cavity extended to multiple areas of the tooth surface
  • In case the out-dated filling needs to be removed and the cavity has reached the neighbouring tooth
  • In case you have a large and out-dated amalgam filling you would like to replace with a state-of-the-art solution
  • In case you need to mend your chipped tooth
  • In case your molar teeth are discoloured
  • In case the original structure of your tooth is incorrect, and you want to change that
  • In case the shape to your tooth is incorrect
  • In case the chewing functions of your tooth is inadequate


Ceramic inlays provide perfect solutions when an aesthetic filling is no longer an option for you, but your teeth can be saved so you are not yet in the need of a dental crown.

It really is useful to have your teeth examined every now and then to check if the decay has not been critically enlarged yet.

Why to choose our aesthetic dental treatments

  • Because our aesthetic dental treatments, regardless of their complexity, are completely painless.
  • Because we provide you a successful aesthetic dental treatment performed in a very relaxing atmosphere.
  • Because all our aesthetic dental treatments are absolutely safe, which we guarantee by using the latest dental technologies.
  • Because the aesthetic dental treatments in our clinic are performed by dental specialists with many years of domestic and foreign experience.
  • Because we take full responsibility for the quality of our work, we guarantee all our aesthetic dental treatments.
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only spend the amount on an aesthetic dental treatment you really need to.
Aesthetic dentistry in the very heart of Budapest. Our clinic has many advantages, one of them is its easily accessible location.

Price of teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening proceduresPrice
Dental whitening (120 minutes)110 000 Ft
Whitening splint for home whitening (per jawbone)30 000 Ft
Whitening material for home whitening - Opalescence - in syringe15 000 Ft
Teeth whitening for root canal treatment (occasional)18 000 Ft

Prices of aesthetic tooth replacement

Aesthetic tooth replacementPrice
Belle Glass composite inlay or onlay90 000 Ft
Pressed-ceramics inlay, onlay or overlay110 000 Ft
Metal-ceramic crown or bridge section85 000 Ft​
Belle Glass composite crown or bridge section75 000 Ft
Pressed-ceramics crown or bridge section120 000 Ft
Zirconia-ceramic crown or bridge section110 000 Ft
Gold-ceramic crown or bridge section (+ gold price)85 000 Ft
Temporary crown - with immediate placement14 000 Ft
Long - term temporary crown - made in a dental laboratory35 000 Ft
Long - term temporary crown reinforced with metal - made in a dental laboratory45 000 Ft

Prices of dental fillings and other related treatments

Aesthetic dental fillings and other aesthetic treatmentsPrice
Porcelain veneer120 000 Ft
Direct composite veneer (Example)55 000 Ft
Metal-ceramic Maryland bridge95 000 Ft
Composite Maryland bridge95 000 Ft
Minimally invasive fillings25 000 Ft
Aesthetic filling (1 surface)33 000 Ft
Aesthetic filling (2 surface)37 000 Ft
Aesthetic filling (3 surface)42 000 Ft

Prices of Dental Hygiene Treatment

Dental Hygiene TreatmentPrice
Personalized Oral Hygiene Consultancy11 000 Ft
Complex, complete Dental Hygiene Treatment with Oral Hygiene Consultancy29 000 Ft

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What our patients say

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Our patient said about us
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