Dr. Tamás Ruszin has been my dentist for 5 years at Saint Lucas Spa Dental. Before that, I visited several dental clinics for consultations and examinations because I had a problem with one of my teeth related to a previous root tip resection, and because I wanted to have an orthodontic treatment.

Cecília UjváriPatient

I would like to thank Dr. Ruszin for the professional work, empathetic help, and understanding my fears. In addition, special thanks to the ladies who assisted the work of the doctor. I wholeheartedly recommend Saint Lucas SPA Dental to people who want a beautiful smile.

Andrea Balog Z.Patient

Even before the simplest dental treatment, one has a little fear of having to see a dentist. One of the main reasons why many people go to the dentist too late is that they are afraid and tend to procrastinate until the dental treatment has to be done.

Attila Tusják

High level professionals! Young and calm medical team, nice clinic, brand new machines, nice receptionist.

Sváby András
András SvábyBroadcaster, journalist

I have had two implant placement procedures. The surgery and the following recovery were painless and problem-free.
During the surgery, I sat (and lay) in the dentist chair calmly and confidently.
Special thanks to Dr. Tamás Ruszin.

Gábor Laczkó

Thank you for your patience and your careful and attentive treatments. I would like to highlight the comprehensive questions that made it possible to develop a precise treatment plan over the past year.
During the treatments, my dentist effectively relieved my pain and informed me about possible side effects.

Beáta Meng

In September 2019, I visited Dr. Tamás Ruszin at Saint Lucas SPA Dental, recommended by my son. During the first consultation, my dental health was examined and the results were worse than I expected…

Dr. Ruszin Tamás egy pácienssel
Edit Nyarine S.Patient

I want to come back to this dental clinic 🙂

Glória Kolenkás

I visited the dental clinic, specifically Dr. Tamás Ruszin, in the summer of 2019. I had heard a lot of good things about him before, which he’s proven in every way. My 10-year-old 6-unit dental bridge needed a replacement. Thanks to his precise professional work, the treatment ended successfully in the expected time. I am amazingly satisfied with the result, even though I was terribly afraid of the whole procedure. So, in retrospect, it was a good “adventure”! 🙂 I am grateful to Dr. Tamás Ruszin, from whom I envy his amazing calmness and confidence, and to his assistant, Mónika Kedves, for the preparations and future hygienic treatments.

Csaba Nyári

In my opinion, Dr. Tamás Ruszin is an excellent dentist and dental implant specialist! I have trusted him and as a result I enjoy a wonderful shiny smile.

A. Luise