Treating wisdom teeth problems

Treating wisdom teeth problems

Our wisdom teeth, the last molar teeth often cause us unpleasant days. It is very common that there is not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to erupt and develop properly. This often means that the wisdom teeth grow in a wrong direction. In this case the teeth cannot erupt or only erupt partially. It is usually really difficult to brush well the partially erupted wisdom teeth or keep healthy the ones that could not break though the gums. As a result, the impacted wisdom teeth can get inflamed, which is a very painful and unpleasant dental problem.

In addition, impacted wisdom teeth can cause crowding in an otherwise perfectly healthy mouth as pushing and pressuring the surrounding teeth due to the lack of space. Crowding can only be treated with braces.

It can also be the case that a wisdom tooth erupts partially and gets stuck in the tooth next to it. Then, the bacteria in the mouth get under the gums and cause inflammation, severe pain and swelling.

This condition is a serious threat also to the tooth next to the inflamed wisdom tooth. As this area in the mouth is difficult to brush properly, cavities can also develop on the adjacent teeth due to constant plaque formation.

So, to avoid unpleasant dental problems, you should get rid of your wisdom teeth as soon as possible to prevent them to get inflamed and infecting your healthy teeth with harmful bacteria.

In case your wisdom teeth are hurting, or you want to avoid future problems, we recommend you visit one of our oral surgeons at Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free dental consultation.

How is a wisdom tooth removal performed?

Dr. Róbert Nagy, oral surgeon explains it to you.

Who performs wisdom tooth removal at our clinic?

At a free dental consultation with our oral surgeons Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy, you learn about the current state of your wisdom teeth and what should be the next step. Book a free oral surgery consultation on (+36) 30 78 00 454

How do our patients feel about our tooth removal procedures?

Our patient, Lilla Frankovics tells you her experience of wisdom tooth extraction

Our patient, József Szakadát tells you his experience of tooth extraction

Oral surgeries

Oral surgeriesPrice
Common tooth extraction with an extraction forcep20 000 Ft
Common tooth extraction with an elevator32 000 Ft
Surgical tooth extraction42 000 Ft
Wisdom teeth removal surgery48 000 Ft
Extraction of tooth root tip48 000 Ft
Cyst removal48 000 Ft
Internal sinus lift surgery for implant placement (with regenerative material)90 000 Ft
Sinus lift surgery for implant placement (with bone grafting material)210 000 Ft
Additional bone grafting surgery at the same time of implant placement (with bone grafting material)Unique pricing
Three-dimensional structure for implant placement in case of extensive bone loss (lateral augmentation)Unique pricing

What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

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Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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