Teeth whitening in the heart of Budapest

Budapest can offer many excellent dental clinics for teeth whitening and other aesthetic dental treatments. Such clinics might differ from each other in terms of the quality of the teeth whitening treatment and price.

It is worth trying Saint Lucas SPA Dental to turn your smile wider and whiter!

Countless dental clinics based in Budapest and Pest County offer teeth whitening, but only few of them has as good location as Saint Lucas SPA Dental.

The entire branch of cosmetic dentistry has been built on teeth whitening. New materials, procedures and tools have been developed. There are even dental clinics specialize only in teeth whitening.

More and more people are whitening their teeth, and some of them are disappointed after the treatment since not getting the expected result for their money. The reason of the frustration could be that the teeth didn’t get white enough or because they discoloured quickly after the whitening treatment.

Everyone would be spared a lot of frustration if they were aware that teeth whitening is also a dental cosmetic treatment where individual differences must be considered. So, what works and is effective for someone is not certainly the same for the other patient. Despite the high-quality technical equipment in many dentistry, the effectiveness of teeth whitening depends on individual circumstances. In addition to the excellent technical equipment and the convenient and comfortable environment, our dental specialists focus on individual differences in order to achieve successful teeth whitening.


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Teeth whitening in the centre of Budapest in a SPA environment

Depending on the requests of the patients, teeth whitening treatment can be a stand-alone treatment or an important step in a complex series of aesthetic treatments.


The procedure is not necessarily related to dental diseases, as healthy teeth can also be whitened. On the other hand, teeth whitening is often the last step in complicated dental treatments such as orthodontics, implantation, or oral surgery.  

Teeth whitening in the heart of Budapest

Conditions for successful teeth whitening: active ingredient, tooth enamel quality, duration

The active ingredients and their concentrations are highly regulated by the European Union. There are two major groups of tooth whitening agents used: peroxide-containing and peroxide-free so-called non-peroxide tooth whiteners. Both active ingredients have their advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages and disadvantages of the peroxide-containing tooth whitening agent:

  • Advantage: long-lasting effect
  • Disadvantage: (1) temporary sensitiveness of the teeth, (2) the use of it requires a dentist

The advantages and disadvantages of the non-peroxide tooth whitening agent:

  • Advantage: (1) no sensitiveness of the teeth, (2) the use of it does not require a dentist
  • Disadvantage: temporary effect

Individual circumstances determine which active ingredient to choose or recommend for teeth whitening. Saint Lucas SPA Dental has passed the strictest administrative control in Europe, which guarantees maximum compliance with the safety regulations for active ingredients.

The quality of tooth enamel is especially related to the effectiveness of tooth whitening: the stronger and more resistant tooth enamel whitens more slowly. This correlation affects the duration of the treatment described in the next section. Also, enamel quality plays a role in active ingredient selection.

The duration of teeth whitening is related to the first two mentioned factors. The longer the tooth contacts the tooth whitening agent, the more effective the whitening will be. Even though the process can be catalysed by using lamps, reducing the period while the teeth are exposed to the active ingredient is at the expense of efficiency. Let us emphasize here that a longer process of teeth whitening only means that the tooth enamel is in a good condition. So, it is worth being patient. Our staff can tell how long the duration of your teeth whitening needs to be, considering individual circumstances.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, by email, phone or on our website, our staff is at your disposal.

Before tooth whitening, a professional tooth cleaning is necessary

Whitening is indeed cleaning the teeth, so why professional cleaning before whitening?

Whatever ingredients or method we choose, we need to be aware that teeth with plaque and tartar cannot be whitened by anything, so any whitening procedure should be preceded by a professional cleaning.

Every whitening agent only whiten natural tooth, so if you have fillings or crowns, you need to consider how aesthetically disturbing the colour difference will be and whether to have a corrective procedure afterwards.

We recommend you visit one of the dental specialists of Saint Lucas SPA Dental who have international experience in teeth whitening and other aesthetic treatments. Our specialists will suggest a smile beautification plan according to your individual needs.


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Teeth whitening next to one of the most beautiful spas of Budapest

What are the advantages of teeth whitening

White teeth are not only indicators of dental health, but also have significance in today social interactions as a beautiful healthy smile prove a certain social status and can lead to potential benefits.

Teeth whitening can prevent tooth decay

  • Prevention and greater protection against tooth decay: By the necessary dental hygiene treatment before teeth whitening plaque and tartar is removed so the teeth remain healthy for a long time. It is hard for bacteria to adhere to cleaned teeth, so plaque formation is slower.

‘Psychological’ advantages

  • Increasing self-confidence: Although we are primarily responsible for healthy teeth not a psychological treatment, it can be said that in a way aesthetic dental treatments are related to self-confidence thus psychology. The motivation of our patients for an aesthetic dental treatment is often to increase their own self-confidence. No doubt that dental health is related to general health. In addition, finding beautiful shiny teeth attractive is our evolutionary heritage. Such pattern can be found in countless diverse social interactions such as romantic relationships, friendships, or work and career dynamics. It is a fact that self-confidence is an ancient behaviour pattern associated with a determined, impulsive, and at the same time a reliable person, allowing him or her a more privileged place in the social group. As whitened teeth is often a boost for self-confidence and an indicator of health and attractiveness, such aspects mutually reinforcing each other, and the benefits are measureless.

Who are responsible for teeth whitening?

Fogfehérítés Budapest, professzionális fogászati beavatkozások

Teeth whitening in the centre of Budapest. The specialist of Saint Lucas SPA Dental: Rózsa Baranyai, Pálma Gidofalvi and Mónika Kedves.

Your personalized dental hygiene and teeth whitening treatments are performed by iTop certified experts who, in addition to guarantee shiny teeth and personalized oral care, provide a sustainable, healthy oral hygiene for our patients!

Which one is the most popular teeth whitening procedure?

Opalescence Boost teeth whitening

Opalescence Boost treatment is performed by a qualified dental hygienist. The Opalescence Boost teeth whitening treatment does not cause any damage to the tooth tissue and is safe to use with proper expertise.

Course of treatment:

  1. Opalescence Boost teeth whitening should not be performed without prior dental hygiene treatment. Plaque and tartar on the tooth reduce the effectiveness of whitening, and inflamed gums make it impossible to isolate teeth.
  2. Brush your teeth immediately before whitening your teeth.
  3. It is necessary to protect the soft parts before applying the gel. The dental hygienist covers the gums and mucous membranes with a liquid insulating material and protects the mouth with gauze pads from the active ingredient and light.
  4. No lamp is required to catalyse the process, the chemical reaction takes place automatically after application, as the catalyst is already mixed into the material. The advantage of this method is that the heat generated by the lamp does not damage the teeth.
  5. The teeth whitening agent is applied to the teeth 4 times for 15 minutes. After every 15 minutes, we check the colour of the tooth and then apply another fresh tooth whitener.
  6. At the end of the treatment, the dental hygienist removes the teeth whitening agent from the teeth as well as the isolation system.
  7. Teeth whitening is done with a gel containing a high concentration of hydrogen peroxide.

Duration of treatment: the whitening time is maximum 4x15 minutes, but the entire treatment takes two hours.

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Teeth whitening at our clinic starts and ends with a smile

Why should you choose our teeth whitening treatment?

  • Because our teeth whitening treatments are totally painless.
  • Because we provide you successful teeth whitening in a comfortable environment.
  • Because all our teeth whitening treatments are safe guaranteed by the latest technology.
  • Because our teeth whitening treatments are performed by specialists with many years of experience.
  • Because we guarantee our teeth whitening treatments in all cases, as we carry out our work with full responsibility
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only spend the amount on teeth whitening you really need to
Teeth whitening treatments in the very heart of Budapest. Our clinic has many advantages, one of them is its easily accessible location.

Prices of Dental Hygiene Treatment

Dental Hygiene TreatmentPrice
Personalized Oral Hygiene Consultancy11 000 Ft
Complex, complete Dental Hygiene Treatment with Oral Hygiene Consultancy29 000 Ft

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What our patients say

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Our patient said about us
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