Tartar removal in the heart of Budapest

Countless Budapest based dental clinics offer tartar removal. Although, the offers might differ from each other.

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Tartar removal is a basic treatment available in almost every dental clinic in Budapest and the suburban areas, but only few of the clinics are as accessible and professional as Saint Lucas SPA Dental.

Dental hygiene treatment is closely linked to almost all dental treatments. With regular calculus (tartar) and plaque removal, most dental treatments can be completely prevented.

Tartar removal in Budapest

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Tartar removal in the heart of Budapest performed in a SPA environment

Depending on the request of our patients, teeth whitening can be an independent treatment or an important step in a complex series of aesthetic dental treatments. The procedure is not necessarily related to dental diseases, as healthy teeth can also be whitened, but complex dental treatments (orthodontics, implantation, oral surgery, etc.) can also be finished with a teeth whitening procedure.

Dental GuaranteeWhat is dental hygiene treatment and what is its purpose?

Why is dental hygiene treatment one of the most important procedure in dentistry?

Our mouths are home to many kinds of bacteria. Most of such bacteria are useful to human body, but an overgrowth of certain bacteria causes dental diseases such as caries and periodontal disease. Plaque and tartar on the teeth are the breeding ground for these bacteria. By a dental hygiene treatment, the growth of these bacteria is prevented as plaque and tartar are removed using professional methods. On the other hand, it is important to teach our patients how to prevent plaque formation and keep their teeth healthy at home.

Who may need dental hygiene treatment and tartar removal?

Even with the most thorough oral care, plaque, tartar, and discoloration on the teeth occur that can no longer be removed at home. Depending on the individual, this can happen in half a year to a year, but patients prone to tartar and gingivitis can develop such dental issues in up to three months. Therefore, everyone needs to see a dental hygienist time to time.

The benefits of life without tartar

What are the biggest advantages and what are the aesthetic benefits of dental hygiene treatment?

The main purpose of the treatment is to remove tartar and plaque that serve as breeding ground for bacteria, but the treatment also make the teeth whiter, thus providing aesthetic benefits.

How often should dental hygiene treatment be repeated?

  • The frequency of treatment depends on how much the patient is prone to tartar and gingivitis and the patient’s dental care habits at home. This is completely individual, but from a medical point of view, we usually recommend see a dental hygienist twice a year.

Tartar removal is a first step of teeth whitening procedures

Dental procedures, whether simple or complex cannot be performed when teeth are covered with plaque and tartar. Thus, dental hygiene treatment is required for almost any procedure, even for a tooth whitening treatment.

We recommend you visit one of the iTOP-certified dental hygiene treatments of Saint Lucas SPA Dental. As part of the treatment, our highly experienced colleagues provide personalized dental care advice for you. Based on your needs, the most suitable smile improvement treatment plan is put together by your dentist and dental hygienist.​

Teeth whitening in the heart of Budapest!

What are the steps of tartar removal?

  1. The treatment begins with a short conversation and a dental health check. We look at the amount and exact location of tartar and plaque on the teeth, listen to the patient’s complaints and ask the date of the last dental hygiene treatment. To provide personalized dental hygiene advice this conversation is necessary.
  2. Then, with an ultrasonic device, the depurator, the tartar is removed from the tooth surface, followed by plaque and discoloration removal by various polishing methods. We use polishing strips, pastes, and brushes for this purpose, as well as a sandblast-like device.

    The treatment itself is painless, although it highly depends on the patient's pain threshold. For this 45-minute-long procedure, anaesthesia is usually not required. The treatment is completely harmless to the teeth and gums, cold sensitivity may occur for a day or two after the treatment, which disappears on its own.

  3. Finally, we discuss with the patient the areas in the mouth where we have seen more plaques or inflammation, give advice on how to clean these areas more thoroughly and what device we suggest using. We also discuss when the patient should come for the next dental hygiene treatment.

Who is responsible for dental hygiene treatments?

Teeth whitening Budapest, professional dental proceduresTeeth whitening in the centre of Budapest. Your personalized dental hygiene and teeth whitening treatment is performed by iTop-certified experts who provide you shiny teeth and dental care advice to maintain your dental health!

Why to choose our dental hygiene treatment?

  • Because our dental hygiene treatments are painless.
  • Because we provide not only a successful dental hygiene treatment, but also a very comfortable environment.
  • Because all our dental hygiene treatments are absolutely safe, which we guarantee by using the latest dental technologies.
  • Because the dental hygiene treatments in our clinic are performed by qualified experts.
  • Because we guarantee our dental hygiene treatments in all cases, as we carry out our work with full responsibility.
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only spend the amount on a dental hygiene treatment you really have to.
Dental hygiene treatment in the heart of Budapest. Our clinic has many advantages, one of them is its easily accessible location.

Price of teeth whitening procedures

Teeth whitening proceduresPrice
Dental whitening (120 minutes)110 000 Ft
Whitening splint for home whitening (per jawbone)30 000 Ft
Whitening material for home whitening - Opalescence - in syringe15 000 Ft
Teeth whitening for root canal treatment (occasional)18 000 Ft

Prices of Dental Hygiene Treatment

Dental Hygiene TreatmentPrice
Personalized Oral Hygiene Consultancy11 000 Ft
Complex, complete Dental Hygiene Treatment with Oral Hygiene Consultancy29 000 Ft

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What our patients say

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Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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