Periodontology in the heart of Budapest

Countless Budapest based dental clinics offer periodontal treatments. Although, the quality of such treatments might differ from each other.

You should really try Saint Lucas SPA Dental!

Periodontal treatments are available in almost every dental clinic in Budapest and the suburban areas, but only few of them are as accessible and convenient as Saint Lucas SPA Dental.

Periodontal treatments include the treatment of the different types of periodontal diseases (also called gum diseases), as well as preventive treatments. We cure several forms of gum diseases such as gingivitis, periodontitis, and gum recession.

Periodontology Budapest

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Periodontology in the centre of Budapest

A periodontal treatment is an essential part of a series of complex dental treatments. Often a periodontal treatment is necessary to maintain the heath of the teeth or it is the first step to replace lost teeth with a dental implant. In many cases periodontal treatments are the most important treatments to prevent tooth loss.

The three conditions for successful periodontal treatments

Dental GuaranteeAn experienced periodontist is needed, a dentist who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of periodontal diseases. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, our highly experienced dentists with international experience are at your disposal to successfully perform periodontal treatments.

It is required to have a well-furnished and highly equipped dental treatment room. This is needed to be able to provide the technical conditions for a successful periodontal treatment. The dental treatment rooms of Saint Lucas SPA Dental are carefully prepared to serve the high-quality work of our experienced dentists performing periodontal treatments.

Sterility assurance requirements are needed to ensure safe periodontal treatments and prevent the risk of developing infection. Saint Lucas SPA Dental has been rated excellent by the strictest administrative control in Europe. Such result guarantees compliance with health rules and related safety and sterility standards.

The importance of periodontal health

Gingivitis and gum recession

The several types of periodontal diseases are related to each other, so it is important analysing them according to the symptoms and the course of the diseases themselves.

Gingivitis, the inflammation of the gingiva is caused by a bacterial infection. Inflammation can be the cause of serious problems that, if not treated in time, will lead to gum recession and the nightmare of tooth loss.

Gum recession, a serious oral disease starts with gingivitis, can lead to permanent tissue damage and tooth loss.

The danger in such oral diseases is that although they can be painless, certainly their consequences are painful. Prevention and early diagnosis are crucial.

Diagnosis of periodontal diseases

At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, we diagnose periodontal diseases professionally and we can identify the problem at a very early stage.

    Do I need a periodontal treatment?

    Without the help of a specialist, it is hard to identify what kind of treatment is needed in case of a dental problem. Periodontology is a complex field, so we summarize for you what dental diseases periodontists treat and what symptoms you should pay attention to and see a dentist in time. Every type of dental diseases related to the gum are treated by a periodontist. If there is a problem with your gums, your teeth may be in danger. Consequently, even a simple gingivitis should be taken seriously, as a small inflammation can lead to severe dental problems.

    Inflammation of the gums, if left untreated, is followed by gum recession. Even in case of one of the symptoms of gingivitis you should see a dentist. It is much more worth to spend an hour at the dentist and get the gingivitis treated than later lose a lot of time and money dealing with the complications of a severe periodontal disease.

    Who are responsible for periodontal treatments at our dental clinic?

    Gum recession can be recognized by small signs:

    • bleeding gums that occur spontaneously or after washing our teeth,
    • the neck of the teeth becomes clearly visible, which is a sign of a receding gum, in more severe cases we can already see a gap between the teeth and the gums,
    • pain while touching the teeth or visible inflammation, such as red and swollen gums around the teeth, in severe cases purulent blisters embedded in the gums,
    • slightly moving teeth or teeth that are already visibly displaced,
    • persistently bad breath

    Do you have any of the symptoms? Do not hesitate to contact us. Trust us, we are happily inform you in case your concerns turn out to be groundless. However, if you have recognized the symptoms well, we can prevent further dental problems!

    Do you have any questions? Feel free to contact us and request an appointment for our free consultation!

    Who are responsible for periodontal treatments at our dental clinic?

    Periodontology Budapest, professional periodontal procedures

    Periodontology in the centre of Budapest. Dr. Zsófia Tóth is an excellent dentist and periodontist at Saint Lucas SPA Dental.

    Periodontist and his team

    Dr. Zsófia Tóth, dentist, periodontist with professional assistants and staff.

    Choose Saint Lucas SPA Dental in Budapest for periodontal treatments!

    • Because periodontal treatments, regardless of their complexity, are completely painless.
    • Because we provide not only a successful periodontal treatment, but also a very comfortable atmosphere during and after the procedure.
    • Because all our periodontal treatments are absolutely safe, which we guarantee by using the latest dental technologies.
    • Because the periodontal treatments in our clinic are performed by periodontists with many years of domestic and foreign experience.
    • Because we guarantee our periodontal treatments, as we carry out our work with full responsibility.
    • Because we are price sensitive, so you only need to spend the amount on a periodontal treatment you really have to.
    Periodontal treatments in the heart of Budapest. There are many reasons why to choose our dental clinic!

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    Our patient said about us
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