Orthodontic treatment in the heart of Budapest

Orthodontic treatment is not only an aesthetic procedure: it provides you healthy teeth thus healthy body.

Orthodontics - especially if started in childhood - can be considered a preventive dental procedure. It protects the patients from dental diseases caused by irregular teeth while providing a beautiful smile and probably higher self-esteem.

There are plenty of orthodontic and related treatments available in Budapest performed by highly trained dental professionals. Although, there might be differences in the quality of the orthodontic treatments targeted to children or adults.

On this page, we summarize the most important information about orthodontics: when it is suggested, why it is important, what steps it consists of, what inconveniences can be expected and, of course, the cost of each orthodontic procedure.

Orthodontics in the heart of Budapest, without aesthetic problems

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Orthodontics in the heart of Budapest in front of Lukács Thermal Bath

Patients considering having braces visit Saint Lucas SPA Dental primarily for aesthetic problems. However, it is important to know that orthodontics is not only an aesthetic procedure, it plays an especially important role in restoring masticatory functions. Orthodontics provides both a beautiful and regular smile, improves and corrects the way of chewing and it can prevent dental issues.

The three conditions for successful orthodontic treatments

An experienced periodontist is needed. With professional experience any arising problems can be handled. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, our specialist orthodontist with international experience is at your disposal to provide you a healthy and beautiful smile.

It is necessary to have a well-furnished and highly equipped dental treatment room. It is essential that all the technical conditions required for orthodontics are available. Moreover, a comfortable interior is important, as orthodontics is a long process that requires more frequent appointments between orthodontist and patient. The dental treatment room of Saint Lucas SPA Dental is carefully prepared to perform precisely orthodontic treatments.

Sterility assurance requirements are needed to perform orthodontic treatments safely. Saint Lucas SPA Dental has been rated excellent by the strictest administrative control in Europe. Such result guarantees compliance with health rules and related safety and sterility standards.

Dental Guarantee

What are the benefits of braces?

It's about more than a beautiful smile!

You can benefit from today's modern orthodontic procedures:

  • Your teeth will be regular and aesthetic, so you won’t feel uncomfortable among your friends and family because of your uneven smile.
  • With a professionally well-prepared orthodontic treatment plan you can prevent your teeth from early losing, root canal treatment or artificial replacement.
  • Overcrowded teeth are prone to decay for being inaccessible for cleaning. Braces can resolve this problem so your row of teeth will be regular thus easy to brush.
  • Incorrect bite can result in periodontal diseases or malfunction of joints. Such issues can be prevented by orthodontic devices.
Orthodontic treatments in the centre of Budapest performed by specialist orthodontists in a relaxing environment.

Orthodontic treatments performed by specialists

Choose a reliable specialist for your smile and teeth

Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof is the specialist orthodontist of Saint Lucas SPA Dental.

As a trained professional, he not only bases his precise work on more than 10 years of professional experience, he places great emphasis on mastering the most up-to-date methods of orthodontics at international conferences and courses.

Since 2012, as a lecturer, he has been teaching orthodontists about the passive self-ligating orthodontic appliance system and its application.

He studied at the Semmelweis University (Hungary), the Albert - Ludwig-Universität Freiburg (Germany) and the VieSID Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry (Austria). He specializes in orthodontic treatment for children, young adults and mature adults, aesthetic and cosmetic treatments, functional treatments, and passive self-ligating orthodontic appliances

Come to Saint Lucas SPA Dental and get acquainted with the gentle methods of modern orthodontics, with which we can achieve spectacular results together, and of course get to know your future orthodontist, Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof, who treats his patients with empathy and who is able to explain the treatment understandably.

Who performs orthodontic treatments?

Fogszabályozás Budapest, professzionális fogszabályozó beavatkozások

Orthodontic treatments in the centre of Budapest. The specialist orthodontist of Saint Lucas SPA Dental, Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof, among his professional assistants.

Orthodontics for children in Budapest

In what cases is it worth taking a child to an orthodontist?

Braces can improve the beauty of our smile and our dental health at any age. However, there is an ideal time to start wearing braces. In this period, the best end result can be achieved in the least amount of time and with the least financial sacrifice.  

During the loss of baby teeth, it is important taking a child to an orthodontist for a consultation and if necessary, start an orthodontic treatment.

Paediatric orthodontics is not only about straightening the teeth and the beauty of the smile, but also about providing a healthy bite for a lifetime.

For the correct bite the optimal position of teeth and jaw bone is required. This position determines the look of our face, the quality of chewing and last but not least how we can clean the teeth. This period is ideal, because it is still possible to control the growth of jaws so to prevent our children from future complications.

Such a process of course strengthens the child’s mental health while increasing their self-confidence and improving their self-image. It also awakes health consciousness and teaches them pay attention to personal hygiene. Not to mention that wearing braces has once again become trendy so kids can feel privileged for having one.

There are dental concerns that should be treated at this stage for the optimal results:

  • Correction of overcrowded teeth by creating more space.
  • Creation of ideal profile and the formation of appropriate bite pattern by the control of jaw development.
  • Alignments of sticking out teeth.
  • Keeping up space for still hidden teeth


If you noticed any kind of disorders of your child’s teeth visiting us for a free orthodontic consultation.



Orthodontics for children with removable braces

Orthodontics with removable braces for children. Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof explains you the details

Childhood is the best period for orthodontics!

Orthodontics for children. Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof answers several questions.

A personal discussion will help find out if your child needs braces and what device would be the right choice.

Orthodontics for teenagers

As a teen when should I to turn to an orthodontist?

The answer to this question is very simple: when you are in need for this. There is of course a more professional definition because the goal for this age group is to support the healthy and smooth development of permanent teeth and preserve the soundness of these teeth.

The irregularity of teeth at a young age is not only an aesthetic issue or source of speech disorder but the long-term health of the teeth may be at risk. Cleaning overcrowded teeth is almost impossible and this makes them susceptible to early decay, especially if this is combined with sugar-rich eating habit, too.

Plaque formation in this case is also quicker and that could result in periodontal diseases.

In addition, bite force on teeth in abnormal occlusion puts tension on the teeth from the incorrect direction. This places an increased stress on the soft tissues that hold the teeth. All this can result in the early wearing and losing of teeth.

The most serious consequences of overcrowding can be the development of jaw joint disorders at a young age.

Although orthodontic treatments aim to reserve the teeth for a long time and maintain our general health conditions, we should not forget about mental aspects either. In such a subtle period of time irregular teeth can cause anxiety in adolescence.

During teenage years spectacular results can be achieved because the evolution of jaws can be controlled nicely. We have to take this challenge knowing that orthodontic treatments offer the only solutions to young adults suffering from chronic overcrowding.

We have confidence in the young generation and trust that a higher level of health consciousness will extends to the health and harmony of teeth as well.

Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof orthodontist gives convincing arguments when it is worth deciding on braces

Orthodontics for adults

As an adult when should I turn to an orthodontist? Isn’t it too late?

The world has changed a lot in the last decade regarding orthodontic treatments in adult age. Firstly, new techniques have emerged that finally took the special anatomic attributes of the adult into consideration thus applying the appropriate technique for the treatments. Secondly, the perception of adults wearing braces has also changed significantly.

Wearing braces as an adult is no longer a sign of immaturity, rather it is a sign of a health-conscious person who has high personal standards.

Adult orthodontic treatments always involve fix braces, usually of soft-power devices. The time scale varies between 1 and 2 years, and the procedure demands patience and attention.

There are important benefits of adult orthodontic treatments that are easily accessible for you:

  • It gives you an aesthetic outlook that makes you confident in your professional and private life.
  • Your irregular teeth could no longer prevent you from speaking clearly.
  • It resolves the difficulties of chewing that often leads to digestive disorders.
  • The jaw joints will not be damaged because of uneven load, thus long-term issues of the jaw joints become avoidable.
  • With a straightened set of teeth, every single tooth can be brushed properly. Therefore, the risk of early formation of plaque and decay is low.

Getting involved in an adult orthodontic treatment is worthy as it brings health and mental benefits, too.

Correction of deviations of bite with orthodontic treatment

The situation when the connection of upper and lower teeth is not optimal is considered a deviation of bite. As an orthodontic issue it has multiple existing forms. Do you recognise any of the following symptoms on you?

  • Open bite: with closed jaw there is a small gap between the upper and lower arch of teeth around the incisors.
  • Cross bite: upper arch of teeth is narrower than the lower one. This results in a reverse bite relation that limits the growth of the upper jaw. This problem plays an important role in the evolution of face and can even cause the deformation of the face.
  • Overjet or protruding teeth: upper front teeth are sticking out and there might be gaps in between the teeth. In this case, it is common for the lips not to close properly, so a closed mouth cannot be a state of rest.
  • Underbite or lower jaw protrusion: the lower teeth are positioned ahead of the upper teeth and the profile is adversely affected.



Bite disorders are various therefore only personalized indications can offer orthodontic treatment plans.

Orthodontic procedure is an essential element of such treatment but the involvement of other specialists into the procedures may be necessary.

The most frequently used techniques for bite disorders are the use of soft-power devices. Although, success can only be achieved with a complex approach of the problem. The first step in the whole procedure must be the definition of the core problems on a personal consultation.

It becomes clear on the consultation what path needs to be taken in order for you to forget about bite issues for good. Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof who has been successfully dealing with bite disorders for 9 years will escort you on this path. You don’t have to live with your bite deviations. Let’s treat them together with orthodontic means.

The solution of deep overbite with orthodontic treatments

We are referring to deep overbite when the upper incisors, in an abnormal condition, cover more than 1-1.5 mm of the lower ones. This phenomenon can easily be examined by you when looking in the mirror. There are different volumes of deep bite, but the bigger the distance the more serious the problem. So, we need to look for solutions and the reasons are more anatomical than aesthetic.

The effective orthodontic management of deep overbite is subject to its complexity. To achieve good result, one may need other specialists such as massage-therapist (manual therapist) or speech therapist.

The secret of a successful treatment is to discover and to start treating the problem as soon as possible with an orthodontist. This way the symptoms become less prominent and the treatment procedures less stressful. By doing so we not only make our younger year easier but thinking about the future we can also prevent chronical dental and joint-related issues of older ages.

Deep overbite is indeed a complex issue and it is very likely that different specialists need to work together led by an orthodontist to solve the problem with positive result.

The first step on the way is a personal consultation where the exact volume of the deep bite is defined. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental the personalized treatment plan leading to solving your problem will be based on the diagnosis.

The first consultation is free of charge and provides invaluable information about the procedure that finally results in the solution.

Your orthodontist is Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof, a specialist with 9 years of experience who will help you on your orthodontic treatment. For a completely free consultation call us on the
(+36) 30 78 00 454 and request an appointment.

The correction of a narrow and thin smile line with braces

Narrow and thin smile is a phenomenon that is an aesthetics as well as anatomic issue. It may emerge in childhood but often arise in adult ages. Behind this phenomenon is the bottleneck of upper jaw but its formation may be affected by the appearance of permanent teeth.

The problem requires fairly quick treatment with orthodontic means because it may be the source of numerous health and mental issues later:

  • Aesthetic aspects: facial harmony is affected disadvantageously by the irregularity of teeth that could further influence one's self-esteem and general feeling.
  • Health aspects: in case of long-term issues, it can cause malfunction of jaw joints that requires lengthy treatments.
  • Preventive aspects: the structure of tooth could also be damaged that can result in losing the tooth and artificial replacement later.

The problem of narrow and thin smile line is complex therefore it cries out for just as complex solutions.

If you noticed this problem on your face, we suggest you visit us at Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free orthodontic consultation. You will be provided with a diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan by Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof orthodontist.

Such procedures require firm determination and real sacrifices from you:

  • In childhood wearing removable braces is recommended.
  • In adulthood wearing fix non-removable braces is advised.
  • The help of a speech therapist is recommended to avoid or correct speech defects.
  • Restoring muscles and joints dysfunction is suggested with the use of special massage therapies (manual-therapeutic treatments).

Only after a thorough examination can we define the complex problem of the narrow smile line.

The elimination of crowded teeth with braces

The unevenness of teeth is usually a result of some kind of a physical impact. While constantly growing in childhood, endless stress stimulates the body to compensate the effect of this phenomenon and functionally balance the loads on the teeth. This leads to crowding teeth and irregular growing. Properly cleaning the crowded teeth is not possible that make them prone to form cavities. Your essential interest is to have these crowding treated sooner than later by a professional with relevant experiences in the field of orthodontic problems.

So, it’s worth reacting quickly already in childhood and turning to an orthodontist with this problem.

When it comes to orthodontic issues the priority is to find out and treat the core reason of crowding. With the help of a sequence of consciously planned orthodontic treatments can make irregular teeth even and easy to clean that help avoid the formation of cavities.

In case of minor overcrowding plastic shield devices can be helpful. More complex cases on the other hand require traditional treatments with modern techniques for a long-lasting solution.

Overcrowding is an issue that can be solved fully and with great success with braces. If you decided to have this problem solved, visit Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free consultation, and get to know the techniques that work for you successfully.

It is Dr. Péter Márton Steinhof orthodontist, a specialist with 15 years of experience who will help you on your orthodontic treatment.

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Elek’s irregular bite

Fogszabályozás Elek átváltozása

Treating our patient’s irregular bite

Vivien’s narrow smile line

Vivien fogszabályozása

Treating our patient’s narrow smile line

Luca in her childhood

Gyermekkori fogszabályozás fontossága

Braces of children

Why to choose our orthodontic treatments?

  • Because our orthodontic treatments are completely painless. Occasionally you have to deal with the discomfort of an open mouth during interventions.
  • Because we provide not only successful orthodontic treatments, but also a very comfortable environment.
  • Because all our orthodontic treatments are absolutely safe, which we guarantee by using the latest dental technologies.
  • Because orthodontic treatments in our clinic are performed by a highly qualified specialist with many years of domestic and international experience.
  • Because we guarantee our orthodontic treatments in all cases, as we carry out our work with full responsibility.
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only spend the amount on orthodontic treatments you really have to.

Orthodontic treatments in the heart of Budapest. Our clinic has many advantages, one of them is its easily accessible location.

What can our patients tell you about orthodontal treatments?

Paulina Takács, our dear patient tells you her story of her orthodontic treatment. 

Richárd Miklós, our dear patient tells you his experience about Dr.Péter Márton Steinhof’s treatment.

Prices of orthodontic treatments

Orthodontic treatmentsPrice
Orthodontic consultation (60 minutes)0 Ft
Orthodontic documentation (photo, imprint)12 800 Ft
Planning the orthodontic treatment and a written treatment plan25 000 Ft
Damon Ultima braces using light forces (per jaw)240 000 Ft
Removal of Damon Ultima light force braces (more parts)60 000 Ft
Removal of Damon Ultima light force braces at the end of treatment150 000 Ft
Damon Clear braces using light forces (per jaw)330 000 Ft
Removal of Damon Clear light force braces (more parts)70 000 Ft
Removal of Damon Clear light force braces at the end of treatment150 000 Ft
Removable braces (per jaw)130 000 Ft
Removal of removable braces at the end of treatment0 Ft
SPARK, Aligner type of treatment800 000 Ft*

* from

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Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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