Oral surgery in the heart of Budapest

Plenty of Budapest based dental clinics offer oral surgeries and related treatments. Although, the quality of such dental clinics may differ from each other.

It is worth trying Saint Lucas SPA Dental!

Oral surgery is available at countless dental clinics in Budapest and Pest County, although only few are as accessible as us.

At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, oral surgery (dentoalveolar surgery) treatments cover problems related to diseases of the teeth and the jaw, extraction of tooth and tooth root, treatment of wisdom teeth, treatment of inflamed jaw bone and cysts, and bone grafting procedures prior to tooth replacement.

During the procedures we examine the soft and hard tissues and if necessary, we take a panoramic x-ray, we perform a full dental health check that includes oral cancer screening, and finally we propose a treatment plan.

Budapest Oral surgery

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Oral surgery in the heart of Budapest in a spa environment

Oral surgery is a necessary element of a complex series of dental treatments. Surgical procedures are sometimes unavoidable in order to preserve the health of the teeth or to replace missing teeth with dental implants.

Three conditions for a successful oral surgery

Dental guarantee

An experienced oral surgeon is needed who can handle any arising problems thanks to professional experience. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental two internationally experienced oral surgeons are at your disposal to perform oral surgeries.

It is necessary to have a well-furnished and highly equipped dental treatment room. It is essential that all the technical conditions required for oral surgeries are available. The dental treatment room of Saint Lucas SPA Dental is carefully prepared to perform oral surgeries, so it serves the high-quality professional work of our oral surgeons.

Sterility assurance requirements are needed to perform oral surgeries safely and avoid the risk of infections. Saint Lucas SPA Dental has been rated excellent by the strictest administrative control in Europe. Such result guarantees compliance with health rules and related safety and sterility standards.

What problems can be solved with oral surgery?

Despite its frightening name, oral surgery can be necessary in many cases to regain healthy bite functions and live a quality life with no dental problems.

For a successful surgical treatment an experienced and well-trained dentialveolar surgeon is needed. In addition, it is necessary to have a dental clinic equipped according to European standards in which all the material and hygienic conditions are given for the successful performance of oral surgeries.

Oral surgery in the centre of Budapest? We are easily accessible by car or public transport. Visit us!

When do I need oral surgery?

You need oral surgery in case:

  • In case you are missing teeth that can be replaced with dental implants.

  • In case you need implantation but you have insufficient bone

  • In case your wisdom tooth has to be extracted

  • In case you have broken tooth root that requires surgical removal

  • In case your teeth erupted in abnormal direction and cause issues for you

  • In case partially erupted or developed teeth should be removed

  • In case the tip of the tooth root has to be removed because of a non-healing lesion.

Who performs oral surgeries?

Oral surgery Budapest, professional dental procedures

Oral surgery in the centre of Budapest. The oral surgeons of Saint Lucas SPA Dental: Dr. Róbert Nagy and Dr. Tamás Ruszin. The photo depicts the two specialists performing oral surgery.

In either of the above situation diagnosing the actual problem may not be easy as we do not know exactly what is causing the unpleasant symptoms. Only a consultation with an oral surgeon can find the right solution.

This is when it turns out whether an oral surgeon must be involved or a dentist can solve your problem.

Is oral surgery painless?

Why does an oral surgeon is needed for tooth extraction?

Choose Saint Lucas SPA Dental for oral surgery!

  • Because at our clinic, oral surgeries regardless their complexity are totally painless.
  • Because we provide you a successful oral surgery in a comfortable environment.
  • Because oral surgeries at our clinic are safe guaranteed by the latest technology.
  • Because oral surgeries at Saint Lucas SPA Dental are performed by oral surgeons with many years of experience in Hungary and abroad.
  • Because we guarantee oral surgeries in all cases, as we carry out our work with full responsibility
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only spend the amount on an oral surgery you really need to
Oral surgeries in the very heart of Budapest. Our clinic has many advantages, one of them is its easily accessible location.

Our patients talk about their oral surgeries

Dr. Ágnes Novák, our dear patient tells you her experience of oral surgery performed prior to dental implant placement. Oral surgery in the centre of Budapest.

István Csomor, our dear patient tells you his experience of bone grafting. Oral surgery in the centre of Budapest.

Oral surgeries

Oral surgeriesPrice
Common tooth extraction with an extraction forcep25 000 Ft
Common tooth extraction with an elevator40 000 Ft
Surgical tooth extraction49 000 Ft
Wisdom teeth removal surgery58 000 Ft
Extraction of tooth root tip58 000 Ft
Cyst removal58 000 Ft
Internal sinus lift surgery for implant placement (with regenerative material)105 000 Ft
Sinus lift surgery for implant placement (with bone grafting material)250 000 Ft
Additional bone grafting surgery at the same time of implant placement (with bone grafting material)Unique pricing
Three-dimensional structure for implant placement in case of extensive bone loss (lateral augmentation)Unique pricing

What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

What do our patients say about their dental treatment, their dentists and assistants, and our practice? There are plenty of informative written and video testimonials to help you make your choice.

We hope that you will soon be one of our satisfied, smiling patients!


Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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