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Dental implant procedure is a surgery that requires a prior assessment by a dental implant specialist to work out the most suitable treatment plan for the patient. Budapest is home to a number of excellent dentists and dental clinics, but there can be differences in the used technology and methods. We at Saint Lucas SPA Dental have decided to choose the dental implant system of Nobel Biocare. Get to know our Nobel Biocare dental implant procedure.

Dental implantation with the latest technology in a SPA environment

It is possible to lose our teeth due to tooth decay, various periodontal diseases, or in the worst case, an accident. Losing our teeth is not only a mere aesthetic issue, it can cause psychological disorders related to self-esteem, it might result in a negative social stigma, and it can cause a number of additional heath issues. A missing tooth upsets the balance of the mouth, which can generate jaw pain and related issues such as headache and sleeping disorder. So, the replacement of a missing tooth is crucial. We are glad that, by reading this page, you have already acknowledged the importance of dental health.

In case you would like to talk in person to an expert colleague of Saint Lucas SPA Dental about Nobel Biocare dental implants, we offer you a free consultation with our dentists. To book an appointment please call us on (+36) 30 7800 454. Our reception staff are glad to answer your phone calls.

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Professional dental implant procedure in the heart of Budapest

Nobel Biocare provides state-of-the-art and highly efficient technology to replace lost teeth. It is listed below what Nobel Biocare dental implants can promise.

Nobel Biocare

What is needed for a successful dental implant?

You need a dental implant expert with enough professional experience. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, our knowledgeable dentist colleagues with international experience are at your disposal to successfully perform your dental implant procedure.

It is required to have a well-furnished and highly equipped dental treatment room. This is needed to be able to provide the technical conditions for a successful dental implant procedure. The dental treatment rooms of Saint Lucas SPA Dental are carefully prepared to perform dental surgeries without interruption.

It is necessary to have a safe dental treatment room. Saint Lucas SPA Dental has been rated excellent by the strictest administrative control in Europe. Such result guarantees compliance with health rules and related safety standards.

A technology that assures quality is essential. The dental technology used in our clinic meets the latest standards in dentistry. In the case of dental implant procedures, we use the products of Nobel Biocare, a cutting-edge dental brand provides one of the highest quality dental implant solutions.

Dental implants to replace missing teeth:
Nobel Biocare, a durable, aesthetic and affordable solution

Feel free to ask us in person if you have further questions after reading this page

It is often difficult to make a good decision about how to replace missing teeth. You might have a lot of questions:

  • Which is better: Do I need a dental implant or does a classic dental bridge suit me perfectly?

  • Who should perform the dental implant surgery? How can I make the right decision on this issue? Who deserves my trust?

  • Which dental clinic should I choose to get correct information and affordable prices?

  • Which dental implant family should I choose from the more than 30 types available today?

  • When should I have a dental implant procedure?

  • How much will all this cost me?

  • What about the warranty? How long does the warranty last?

It is very difficult to make a wise decision on these issues as you need a lot of information gathered from various available sources such as internet.

However, reading such sources could often be tiring and misleading.

At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, we believe in direct human interaction and communication. We would like to help and support you with our best knowledge making this difficult decision.

Therefore, we recommend you to take half an hour of your life on this important issue and come to our office at Saint Lucas SPA Dental. Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy, two trained and experienced dental specialists, are waiting for you to answer all your questions.

This consultation is free of charge (the only exception to this is if you need an X-ray for an accurate diagnosis). Furthermore, the consultation doesn’t come with any commitment.

The benefits of the consultation can be significant. In addition to get first-hand answers by experts to all the questions you may have, you can even benefit from getting to know our dentists in person and deciding if they are sympathetic enough to you or not. Not to mention that you can get impressions of our dental office and its equipment.

Nobel Biocare Dental Implantation in the heart of Budapest

Dental implant procedure in the centre of Budapest performed by trained dental specialists in a calm and comfortable environment

Do I need dental implants?

Dental implant in case of one missing tooth

The most common use of dental implant is replacing one missing tooth. It is an important step, as the loss of a single tooth might change the way of chewing. In addition, the absence of a single tooth changes the load on the remaining teeth, which can expose the teeth to an unequal load. If there are intact teeth next to the lost tooth, dental implant is the best option to solve the problem.

Implantology Budapest

Illustration of a dental implant: an artificial tooth with a screw is inserted into the jawbone as shown in the picture.
Dental implant if all the teeth are missing

Even in the case of missing all your teeth, dental implants give you the opportunity not living with the discomfort of removable dentures. By placing artificial tooth roots, we provide you a professional and fixed denture that perfectly replaces your missing teeth not only in its aesthetic appearance, but also in its masticatory function. (It is not necessary to place one implant for each missing tooth. It is enough to place 8-8 implants in the lower jaw and upper jaw.) Whether you live with a lack of one tooth or a total tooth loss, dental implant solutions can help you regain your chewing ability of your younger age and make your smile beautiful again.

Nobel Biocare implants

Dental implant placement in the centre of Budapest, performed by trained dental implant specialists, in a relaxing and comfortable environment. In this video, Dr. Róbert Nagy explains a more complicated form of dental implant placement, which is not as complex as it may seem.

Dental implant if multiple teeth are missing

If several teeth have been removed within a dental arch and the natural teeth are not suitable for holding a traditional dental bridge, a so-called “non-removable fixed implant bridge” is made by placing several artificial tooth roots into the jawbone. In this case, it is not necessary to replace each extracted tooth by a dental implant. Even in the case of three or four missing teeth, two dental implants are enough, for which a three- or four-unit dental bridge is made by the dental laboratory. A similar solution is available for missing the last tooth at the end of the row.

Illustration of a dental implant: The artificial tooth roots are placed into the jawbone by screws. This can hold several artificial teeth.


Dental implant if you want a fixed denture

Wearing a removable or a partially removeable denture might causes unpleasant moments. Removable dentures might move when speaking or eating – always at the worst moment – due to the fact that there is no fixed attachment point for the denture in the mouth.

A dental implant provides a perfect solution to such cases, as it fixes the denture via screws to the jawbone making it absolutely stable when eating and speaking.

Nobel Biocare implants

Illustration of a dental implant: Realistic denture attached to the artificial tooth roots via screws

Would you like to have a dental implant procedure performed by dental experts?

Choose reliable dental specialists to replace your missing teeth! By choosing us the following dangers are eliminated:
  • Danger to adjacent and opposite teeth: The otherwise healthy teeth adjacent or opposite to the missing tooth are at risk as they may move from their place due to the unequal load during chewing.

  • Danger to the jaw joints: If the jaw joints are subjected to constant and disproportionate overload, they can become tired and cause pain.

  • Danger to the jawbones: Living with missing teeth permanently can lead to significant bone loss at the site of the missing teeth, which can make it impossible to place a dental implant or only a costly intervention is feasible.

These risk factors can be avoided with our dental implant solutions. It all depends on timing. The sooner you take care of your missing teeth, even with dental implants, the more likely you avoid long-term health risks.

In case you have lost a tooth, a health-conscious and forward-thinking attitude is important, not only because it can save you a significant amount of money by avoiding future dental treatments, but also to maintain your general health.

Leading dental implant specialists in our office

Implantologist in Budapest

Dental implant placement in the centre of Budapest. If you are unsure about whether such health risks pose a threat to you as well, we recommend you a free consultation at Saint Lucas SPA Dental. You can discuss your case with our dental implant specialists Dr. Tamás Ruszin or Dr. Róbert Nagy to get professional answers to all your questions.​

Is dental implant procedure really painless?

No more painful dental treatments, Nobel Biocare dental implant procedure is not painful at all!

Dr. Róbert Nagy explains you what makes a dental procedure, even the root canal treatment, painless.

Dental implant placement in the centre of Budapest, in the cosy environment of Lukács Thermal Bath, one of the most beautiful spas in the city.

We use 3D dental technologies for a perfect result in replacing missing teeth

For the two dentoalveolar oral surgeons of Saint Lucas’s SPA Dental, your safety during the dental implant surgery is the most important. We are comfortable since we offer you a dental implant solution that guarantees this safety.

‘Dental surgery’ and ‘dental implant placement’: Such expressions sound just painful. In reality these treatments don’t hurt

‘Dental implant surgery’ and ‘dental implant placement’ sound very serious. In fact, this procedure is a really serious dental intervention and it is one of the most complicated treatments in dentistry. Many people believe that such serious dental surgery is associated with a lot of discomfort and pain. However, this does not have to be the case.

The majority of the patients of Saint Lucas SPA Dental did not feel any pain during the entire surgical procedure. Individual sensitivities have been reported rarely, but these were treated with additional anesthesia.

The reasons why dental implant placement is painless

There are two less well-known secrets behind the reason why dental implant surgery is completely painless:

  • The dental implant placement procedure is performed under local anesthesia, which make you feel no pain in your mouth for the duration of the entire surgical procedure.
  • The dental implant is placed into the jawbone. In the bone there are fewer nerves responsible for pain, so the same amount of local anesthetic provides the perfect numbness when you feel no pain as we would use during a non-surgical dental treatment.

After the surgery, swelling or a slight pain may occur, however, it disappears completely taking one or two painkillers.

Ideally, within a day or two, you should be able to forget that you have recently had a dental implant surgery.

If you want to replace your missing teeth with dental implants in a way that the surgery does not cause you pain and discomfort (the only exception to this might be that you have to keep your mouth open for a relatively long period of time during the surgery), we recommend you to visit Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free dental implant consultation.

During the free consultation, two highly professional dental implant surgeons, Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy, will be happy to inform you about the painless dental implant placement procedure. You can request an appointment for a dental implant consultation by calling +36 30 7800 454.

It is worth to have your dental implants done with us

  • Because dental implant procedures, regardless of their complexity, are completely painless.
  • Because we provide not only a successful dental implant procedure, but also a very comfortable atmosphere during and after the surgery.
  • Because all our dental implant procedures and related treatments are absolutely safe, which we guarantee by using the latest dental technologies.
  • Because the dental implant surgeries in our clinic are performed by dental implant specialists with many years of domestic and foreign experience.
  • Because we guarantee our dental implant procedures in all cases, as we carry out our work with full responsibility.
  • Because we are price sensitive, so you only have to spend the amount on a dental implant procedure you really have to.
Dental implant placement in the heart of Budapest. There are many reasons why to choose our dental clinic!

Our dear patients tell us their experiences of dental implant surgeries

Mrs. Adrienn Molnár Csík, our dear patient, tells you her story about her experiences with dental implants.

Our dear patient, László Csiszár, tells you about his experiences of our dental implant procedure. (In English)

Our dear patient, Tibor Böszörményi, tells you his story about our dental implant procedure

Our dear patient, Tibor Böszörményi, tells you his story about our dental implant procedure

Prices of Nobel Biocare Dental implants

Nobel Biocare dental implant solutionsPrice
Nobel Biocare dental implants with lifetime warranty220 500 HUF*
Nobel Biocare gingival screw placement (opening the gum above the implant)23 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Titanium abutment with lifetime warranty98 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Multi-Unit Xeal abutment with lifetime warranty110 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Locaror abutment system with lifetime warranty110 000 HUF
Metal-ceramic dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)95 000 HUF
Zirconium oxide dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)120 000 HUF

* Minimum HUF (Hungarian forint)

What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

What do our patients say about their dental treatment, their dentists and assistants, and our practice? There are plenty of informative written and video testimonials to help you make your choice.

We hope that you will soon be one of our satisfied, smiling patients!


Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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