The most reliable dental implant system

The most reliable dental implant system

After long consideration we opted for the German Ankylos system that could flawlessly meet the high expectations of Saint Lucas SPA Dental.

Why have we chosen the Ankylos dental implant system?

  • We trust the results of decades of research.
  • We find authentic the incredibly high, 98,3% success rate that was achieved worldwide by dental professionals.
  • We believe in the precision and reliability of German craftsmanship.
  • Positive feedbacks are backed by many years of our own experiences.
  • Our patients do prefer the Ankylos system because it is trouble-free, and these implants require no special care than thorough cleaning.
  • The Ankylos implant abutments are made of biologically neutral pure titanium.
  • Thanks to the special treatment of its surface, the implant is easily accommodated by the human body therefore the chance of rejection is minimal.
  • The implants are packed, stored and supplied in sterile environment until they are transported to the surgical room.
  • Once placed, the screws protect the jawbone when chewing thus making maximum use of the physiological benefits of dental implants.
  • Load on the jawbone is spread among the screws without overloading the structure.
  • Thanks to its diversity, the Ankylos system offers solution to any kind of implant-related issues.
  • Its special conical shape results in low risk of infection.
  • It is good value for money.

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What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

What do our patients say about their dental treatment, their dentists and assistants, and our practice? There are plenty of informative written and video testimonials to help you make your choice.

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Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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