Dental Treatments under Anasthesia

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Besides the patients’ fear of pain, the use of anesthesia and sedation in dentistry has several other reasons. Get to know our dental treatments under general anesthesia and sedation!

Budapest Dental Treatments under Anasthesia

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Dental treatments under general anesthesia
& sedation in the heart of Budapest

Dental GuaranteeOne can find countless excuses to avoid the dentist. The most common and usually contradictory arguments are ‘have not been to the dentist for ages’ and ‘being afraid of the dental treatments’. Feeling bad about the dentist could come from a major childhood trauma, a previous unprofessional care, or simply irrational fear of pain.

We might have had irrational fears for a long time. In science, irrational fear is defined as fear that once were real fear based on actual danger, but by now it has nothing to do with reality anymore. Due to our long evolution, many fears are coded into us, so understandably it is impossible to get rid of them with few positive words. For instance, an urban dweller is more afraid of a snake or a spider than a car, despite the fact that car traffic can be life-threatening and there is almost no chance of being bitten by a spider or a snake in a city. Technology is simply faster than our evolution can adapt to it. Dental techniques and treatments are also defined by such rapid technological change.

Nowadays, even the most serious dental treatment is painless. The worst-case inconveniences are keeping our mouth open for a long time or the consequences of numbness. You do not feel pain during any dental treatments.

In case the argument of no-pain is not convincing enough

The fear of pain at the dentist is especially understandable, because in old times available procedures could not guarantee feeling no pain. We might have heard stories from older relatives or friends about painful moments at the dentist. Such stories could easily be exaggerations. Even though the dental technologies and treatments have been improved significantly, support, positive words and rational arguments are not enough for some people because the irrational fear of pain is too strong. The good news is that we have a solution for these people: dental anesthesia and sedation dentistry.

In which cases is it necessary to use general anesthesia or sedation?

Besides fear of pain, there can be other reasons why some of our patients choose dental anesthesia:

  • Strong gag reflex (nausea during a dental treatment)
  • Fear of a dentist and dental treatments
  • Undergoing several dental procedures at the same time
  • Trouble getting numb
  • Complex dental cases
  • Hyperactivity (a state of being unusually or abnormally active)

In which cases should anesthesia or sedation be avoided?

Please definitely tell your dentist in case you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Untreated diabetes
  • Pregnancy
  • Asthma
  • Cardiovascular problems (in some cases dental anesthesia is not recommended)
  • Certain allergies
  • Fever
  • Weak immune system

The course of dental treatments under general anesthesia

Dental treatments under general anesthesia

In our dental office general anesthesia is always administered and managed by a qualified anesthesiologist. As this procedure is quite rare in dentistry, anesthesia is supervised by our anesthesiology partner, Szundizz Velunk Ltd.
In case of general anesthesia, a highly experienced and trained anesthesiologist and an anesthesiologist assistant support us. They also provide the necessary modern equipment for the procedure.

Anesthesia step-by-step

You can find out the exact procedure of anesthesia on the following page(Hungarian).

If you have any further questions about dental anesthesia or dental treatments, please call us at (+36) 30 78 00 454, send us an email ( or visit your dentist in person.

Why choosing us for dental treatments under anesthesia

  • Because our dental treatments are completely painless.
  • Because we provide you a successful dental treatment in a very comfortable environment.
  • Because all our dental treatments are safe, guaranteed by the latest dental technologies.
  • Because our dental treatments are performed by dental specialists with many years of experience here in Hungary and abroad
  • Because we offer guarantee for all treatments, as we are fully responsible.
  • Because we are price sensitive so you only have to spend the amount you absolutely need to
Dental treatment under anesthesia in the heart of Budapest. Our office is easily accessible.

Price of Dental Treatments under Anasthesia

Dental Treatments under Anasthesia (Get to know more about it)Price
Anesthesia350 000 Ft*


What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

What do our patients say about their dental treatment, their dentists and assistants, and our practice? There are plenty of informative written and video testimonials to help you make your choice.

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Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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