Dental Implant Placement

Dental implant surgery in the centre of Budapest, in the pleasant environment of the Lukács Thermal Bath. Learn all about our dental implant procedures.

The dental implant procedures of Saint Lucas SPA Dental are worth trying!

Dental implant placement is a basic treatment of the Budapest based dental clinics. The preferred technologies and approaches of the dental clinics might differ from each other. Read these pages carefully to get to know us better, and hopefully we will be able to see each other soon in our dental clinic!

Dental implant surgery in the centre of Budapest

There are several reasons behind losing one or more than one of our teeth such as tooth decay, various periodontal diseases, or in the worst case, an accident. Missing teeth is definitely seen as aesthetically unpleasant and it is stigmatised by the society. So, it can lower self-esteem and affect general mental health due to the discomfort of everyday activities like eating, speaking, and laughing. Moreover, if you’re missing teeth, it can affect your overall health. The unbalance of the teeth might generate jaw pain and lead to headaches and insomnia. Consequently, our dental health is much more important than it might seem like. We at Saint Lucas SPA Dental are very pleased to help you getting your healthy and happy smile back.

If you want to know more about our dental implant treatments, we offer you a free consultation with our dentists. You can even request an appointment from our reception staff right now by calling.

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Dental implant placement in Budapest, in a perfect spa ambiance

There are several solutions for replacing missing teeth according to the individual cases. Dental implant is a complex and costly form of teeth replacement technology, which is why it is important to perform the placement procedure in the best possible clinic by the best possible specialist.

There are three important conditions of a successful dental implant placement procedure

Dental GuaranteeFirstly, a professional dentist with experience in implant dentistry is needed. Our dentists at Saint Lucas SPA Dental who perform the dental implant surgeries are highly trained and have experience both in Hungary and abroad. They are at your disposal to create a beautiful smile for you!

Secondly, a highly equipped and comfortably furnished dental treatment room is required. An equipped treatment room is essential in order to have all the technological conditions for the successful completion of the implant surgery. At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, the dental treatment rooms are perfectly prepared and equipped to perform dental implant surgeries accurately.

Thirdly, the safety of the dental treatment room is fundamental. Rated by the strictest administrative control in Europe, Saint Lucas SPA Dental is proud to be excellent in safety. In other words, health rules and related safety standards are guaranteed at our clinic.

Replacement of missing teeth with dental implants

Feel free to ask us even in person at our clinic. Also, we answer the frequent questions in this page

We can imagine, that it is overwhelming to decide what type of replacement is the best in your particular case. You might have similar questions to the followings:

  • Which one is better for me dental implants or dental bridges?

  • Who should perform the dental implant surgery? How should I choose my dentist? Who should I trust completely?

  • Which dental clinic should I choose? From which dental clinic can I get correct and affordable service?

  • Which dental implant family should I choose? Which dental implant solution is the best for me from the more than 30 types available today?

  • When should I undergo a dental implant surgery?

  • How much does a dental implant procedure cost?

  • Is there a warranty? How long does the warranty last?

We believe that it is especially difficult to make a decision on the issue of dental implant, as you need a lot of information from various available sources. We, at Saint Lucas SPA Dental, understand that reading countless websites and articles online and offline could often be tiring and misleading. So, we believe in personal communication.

At Saint Lucas SPA Dental, we believe in direct human interaction and communication. With our best knowledge and professional experience, we help you to make a decision you would not regret.

We truly recommend visiting the office of Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy at Saint Lucas SPA Dental and take half an hour of your life on discussing your dental case with professionals. Our trained and experienced dental implant specialists are happy to answer all your questions.

The first consultation is free and it doesn’t come with a commitment. (The only exception to this is if you need an X-ray for a more accurate diagnosis).

The consultation is really beneficial for every patient. Besides receiving answers by specialists to all your questions, you get to know our dentists in person and can decide easily if they are sympathetic enough to you or not. In addition, you experience the ambiance of our dental clinic.

Dental implantologists in Budapest

Dental implant surgery in a relaxing and comfortable ambiance in the heart of Budapest performed by specialised dentists

Should I have a dental implant?

If you are missing teeth due to a medical condition or an accident: there is a solution for you!

Dental implants can be placed in case you have lost one or more than one tooth. (The tooth had to be pulled out for medical reasons or loosened due to periodontal disease).

Dental Implants in Budapest

Dental implants can be placed in case you have lost one or more than one tooth. (The tooth had to be pulled out for medical reasons or loosened due to periodontal disease).

Dental implant in case only one of your teeth is missing

The most common use of dental implant is replacing one missing tooth. It is not well-known that the loss of a single tooth alters how we chew, and it changes the load on the remaining healthy teeth which results in exposing them to a heavier load. Dental implant placement is the best solution in case there are healthy natural teeth next to the missing tooth.

Dental implant in case you have lost several teeth

If several teeth have been removed within a dental arch and the remaining teeth are not suitable for a traditional dental bridge (due to periodontal disease or because there would be a significant loss of dental tissue if intact teeth next to the lost one has to be reshaped) a so- called “non-removable fixed implant bridge” is made by placing several artificial tooth roots into the jawbone. In this case, it is not necessary to replace each extracted tooth by a dental implant. Even in the case of three or four missing teeth, two dental implants are enough, for which a three- or four-unit dental bridge is made by the dental laboratory. A similar solution is available for missing the last tooth at the end of the row.

Dental implant in case you have lost a tooth at the end of the row

In case the last tooth at the end of the row is missing, it is not possible to make a fixed denture for that area because the fixed attachment point is missing. This condition would greatly reduce the stability of the dental bridge. This is no longer a problem, as by a dental implant the lost tooth at the end of the row can also be replaced. By placing a dental implant, it is possible to make a multi-unit dental bridge, as a new, stable attachment point is made to which the dental bridge can be attached.

Dental implant because you don’t want a removable denture

A removable denture might cause unpleasant moments due to the fact that there is no fixed attachment point for the denture in the mouth, so it could move when speaking or eating (sure this happens when it is the most embarrassing).

There is a solution to this problem: an implant supported bridge is completely stable in every situation.

Dental implant in case you have lost all your teeth

If you're missing all of your teeth, a full mouth dental implant can replace your lost teeth without the discomfort of a removable denture.

The full mouth dental implant fixed with artificial tooth roots provides you an unremovable denture that take the place of your lost teeth. (It is not necessary to place one implant for each missing tooth. It is enough to place 8-8 implants in the lower jaw and upper jaw.) The aesthetic appearance and the masticatory function of the full mouth dental implant is just as natural as your teeth before.

Either a single missing tooth or no teeth at all, with dental implant you can regain the biting ability you once had, and have new aesthetic smile again.

Dental implant placement in the centre of Budapest, performed by trained dental implant specialists, in a relaxing and comfortable environment. In this video, Dr. Róbert Nagy explains a more complicated form of dental implant placement, which is not as complex as it may seem.

Would you like to have a dental implant procedure performed by dental experts?

Threats to face if you ignore the replacement of missing teeth

  • Threats on the surrounding teeth: Too much space, load and pressure on the otherwise healthy teeth could make them move away.

  • Threats to the jaw joints: Overloading the joints as a result of unbalanced chewing can cause fatigue or pain in the joints.

  • Threats on the bone: The permanent absence of teeth results in significant bone loss that could make dental implantation impossible, or could involve expensive and time-consuming bone reconstruction procedures in the treatment.

These risk factors are simply avoidable. The secret is the time: the earlier you have these problems fixed with implants for instance the bigger the chance is that you can avoid long- term health risks.

The health-conscious and farsighted thinking has major significance, not only because one can realize savings by avoiding future medical treatments but also because they can do a lot to preserve their own health.

Who are performing dental implant placement surgeries in our clinic?

Professional implantologist in Budapest

Dental implant placement in the centre of Budapest. If you are not sure whether these threats are relevant in your case, visit Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a completely free consultation and discuss these important questions with Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy. You will get a reassuring and professional opinion.

Is dental implant procedure really painless?

No more painful dental treatments, nowadays even the most complex dental implant procedures are painless!

Dr. Róbert Nagy explains you what makes a dental procedure, even the root canal treatment, painless.

Dental implant placement in the centre of Budapest, in the relaxing environment of Lukács Thermal Bath, one of the most beautiful spas in the city.

We use 3D dental technologies for a perfect result in replacing missing teeth

For the two dentoalveolar oral surgeons of Saint Lucas SPA Dental, your safety during the dental implant surgery is the most important. We are comfortable since we offer you a dental implant solution that guarantees this safety.

‘Implant surgery’ and ‘dental implant placement’: Sounds painful indeed but the pain only exists in your thoughts!

’Implantation surgery’ and ’dental implant placement’ do sound very serious indeed. In fact, they are serious procedures representing the top of dentistry. This makes people think that such a procedure ought to be inconvenient and even painful. But this really isn’t necessary.

According to the majority of the patients at Saint Lucas SPA Dental, the surgery was not at all painful. Rarely occurs individual sensitivity but with additional local anaesthetics it is handled easily.

The reasons why dental implant placement is painless

Behind painless procedures are two secrets:

  • Local anaesthetic is used for the procedure that provides quick and painless relief for the whole duration of the treatment.
  • Implants are placed into the jawbone where there are fewer nerves responsible for the pain. This means that the same amount of local anaesthetic is enough for a surgery as for more conventional dental treatments.

Swelling or slight discomfort can follow the surgeries but these can easily and efficiently be cured with one or two painkillers.

Ideally it takes only a day or two to almost forget about what you have gone through.

If you consider having your missing teeth replaced with implants without pain and discomfort (with the exception that keeping your mouth open for a good while may well be inconvenient), visit Saint Lucas SPA Dental for a free consultation of implantation.

Our two experienced dentoalveolar surgeons: Dr. Tamás Ruszin and Dr. Róbert Nagy are happy to inform you of the details of implantation procedures. Call us on the +36 1 790 3282 and request an appointment for a free implant consultation.

Affordable dental implants quickly

Immediate dental implant placement is available

Immediate dental implant placement! During immediate implant placement, the root implant is placed in the jaw right after tooth extraction. When precisely removing a tooth, the key is maintaining a damage-free bone tissue.


3D planning in dental implant surgery. It is a common practice during the dental implant placement procedure that the drilling and insertion of the implant is done freehand, using the patient’s CT scans. However, many times, more precise solutions are needed.


Have you lost all your teeth? The All-on-4 procedure is the perfect solution for patients who have lost all their teeth and, instead of removable dentures, want a comfortable and ‘chew- safe’ solution.


Are you considering having a dental implant?

Our dentoalveolar surgeons are waiting for you

  • Our dental implant procedures, regardless of their complexity, are completely painless.
  • We perform dental implant procedures in a very relaxing atmosphere.
  • All our dental implant procedures and related treatments are absolutely safe, which we guarantee by using the latest dental technologies.
  • The dental implant surgeries in our clinic are performed by dental implant specialists with many years of domestic and foreign experience.
  • We take full responsibility for the quality of our work, we guarantee all our dental implant procedures
  • We are price sensitive, so you only have to spend the amount on a dental implant procedure you really have to.
Dental implant placement in the heart of Budapest. There are many reasons why to choose our dental clinic!

Evaluation of dental implant surgeries by our patients

Mrs. Adrienn Molnár Csík, our dear patient, tells you her story about her experiences with dental implants.

Our dear patient, László Csiszár, tells you about his experiences of our dental implant procedure. (In English)

Our dear patient, Tibor Böszörményi, tells you his story about our dental implant procedure

Our dear patient, László Csiszár, tells you about his experiences of our dental implant procedure.

Prices of Nobel Biocare Dental implants

Nobel Biocare dental implant solutionsPrice
Nobel Biocare dental implants with lifetime warranty220 500 HUF*
Nobel Biocare gingival screw placement (opening the gum above the implant)23 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Titanium abutment with lifetime warranty98 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Multi-Unit Xeal abutment with lifetime warranty110 000 HUF
Nobel Biocare Locaror abutment system with lifetime warranty110 000 HUF
Metal-ceramic dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)95 000 HUF
Zirconium oxide dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)120 000 HUF

* Minimum HUF (Hungarian forint)

Prices of Ankylos dental implants

Ankylos ImplantsPrice
Ankylos dental implants with lifetime warranty240 000 HUF
Ankylos gingival screw placement (opening the gum above the implant)23 000 HUF
Ankylos implant abutment110 000 HUF
Metal-ceramic dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)95 000 HUF
Zirconium oxide dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)120 000 HUF

Prices of AlphaBio dental implants

AlphaBio implantsPrice
AlphaBio dental implants - 10-year-warranty175 000 HUF
AlphaBio gingival screw placement (opening the gum above the implant)23 000 HUF
AlphaBio implant abutment75 000 HUF
Metal-ceramic dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)95 000 HUF
Zirconium oxide dental crown, screw-retained (CAD/CAM)120 000 HUF

What our patients have said about us

What our patients say

What do our patients say about their dental treatment, their dentists and assistants, and our practice? There are plenty of informative written and video testimonials to help you make your choice.

We hope that you will soon be one of our satisfied, smiling patients!


Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us
Our patient said about us

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