Before and after the dental implant surgery

Before and after the dental implant surgery

One of the most common tooth replacement options for missing teeth is dental implant placement. The dental implant placement procedure is more complex than the other tooth replacement options, so it is worth to know its steps.

What is a dental implant surgery?

Dental implant placement surgery requires serious knowledge and experience. Important part of the preparation is the thorough examination of a 3D CT scan that enables the surgeon to measure bone density and general structure. The dentist’s decision as for what size, diameter and system is going to be used and approximately where will be based this initial examination.

What happens before the dental implant surgery?

For a successful dental implant placement, it is essential you have sufficient enough jawbone and that your health condition in general makes you a good candidate for the surgery. Ignored diabetes, uncontrolled high blood pressure, or osteoporosis makes you ineligible.

The overall condition of your natural teeth should also be good enough. This means there shouldn’t be any dental issue at the time of the dental implant surgery that could cause infection.

What happens after the dental implant surgery?

The dental implant surgery is followed by 3-4 months long healing period during which the implant screws get partially integrated into the surrounding bone and get stabilized. Excluding special cases, the implants are not loaded permanently in this period, however, temporary dental crowns may be made for an aesthetic purpose.

When the healing period is successfully over the final aesthetic dental crown is made for the artificial tooth root. This dental crown has the shape and colour of a natural tooth. Once the crown is fitted the treatment is finally completed. Then you are free to load the implant tooth without restriction just as you used to with your own natural teeth. You can live a full life and eat or drink whatever you want.

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Read our dedicated page to dental implant procedure, where you can get answers to many of your questions.

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